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Beautiful tourist places to visit near the Loges de Mélis Historic sites in the surroundings: Château de Bonaguil, Chateau de Biron, Walled Towns of Monpazier, Villefranche du Périgord, Domme... and, among the prettiest villages of France: Sarlat, Beynac, Vallée de Gavaudun.

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Château de Bonaguil
It is well the "insane Castle" such as rebuilt Bérenger de Roquefeuil at the end of 15è century. It was an extremely comfortable residence seigneuriale equipped with a particularly effective system of defense for its time.
Château de Biron
Sit of the one of the four baronnies of Périgord; the history of this castle is related on the size and the power of a family, Goutant-Biron which held the stronghold during 800 years.
This destination of charm conceals envied treasures. Prehistoric and natural caves, pits, castles and manors enchanteurs. Crossed by the rivers of the Dordogne and Vézère, it is a magic and luminous region, Périgord Noir.
Vallée de Gavaudun
They are hardly but invasions of tourists who take this charming road. The valley is narrow and the keep with the multiple loopholes does not leave any dead angle... But today one can stop and visit it, sereinement.
Parc en ciel
The park in sky, located at Lacapelle-Biron, proposes to you lifting courses out of drill, discovered teaching farm, botanical gardens and its musee of snail.
Domaine de Poubille
Poubille is a private property located in full shift, in an undulating landscape of wood and fields, calms and resting.
Restaurant Lou Cantou
Located in the heart of Périgord, the restaurant "Lou Cantou offers innovative dishes, made from local products. From a dinner with friends, to a receipt for 150 people, the " Lou Cantou" team has only one purpose... Please you...


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